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Leading provider of fitness qualifications HFE launches CV Connect

HFE (Health and Fitness Education), a leading provider of personal training courses and fitness qualifications in the UK, has recently launched CV Connect, a free game-changing recruitment solution for fitness and leisure operators, and fitness graduates.

CV Connect is an employer partnership service which connects active leisure operators with qualified exercise and fitness professionals looking for work. These professionals come from a variety of disciplines, including personal training, group exercise, GP referral and many more.

The benefits for employers include:

  • Pre-qualified applications – Save time and money filtering and screening irrelevant applications. With CV Connect you’ll only ever receive applications from qualified exercise professionals who are actively looking for work in your area.
  • Full-time or part-time candidates – Whether you’re looking for full-time staff or part-time class cover, our graduates have a broad range of skills, qualifications and experiences.  
  • Highly motivated people – Research shows that staff are often the most focused, committed and engaged in their job at the start of their career. Tap into this talent early to grow the strength of your workforce.
  • Reduce your lead recruitment time – With CV Connect you can be proactive with your recruitment because you’ll always have access to local candidates who are ready to go.  
  • Your data is completely safe – Your data is encrypted and completely secure. Additionally, job seekers using CV Connect module will never be able to see named contacts or email addresses. The most they can see is the club name and location.
  • No account management or logins – You’ll never have to manage an account, remember passwords or login details to access CVs. All applications will be sent to your recruitment contact in a single daily email.

Benefits for qualified fitness professionals include:

    • Achieve your qualification – CV Connect is unlocked the moment you complete one of our qualifications and it’s available for all disciplines, from personal training to yoga and everything in-between.
    • Upload Your CV – Update your CV with your brand new HFE qualification and upload it directly to your account.
    • Search and send – Discover employers near you, from national chains to boutique clubs, and send your CV directly. No recruitment agencies, no hoops to jump through, just a career in fitness at your fingertips.

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