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Learning in the New Normal: Why strengthening core competencies and upskilling is now essential

The Covid-19 pandemic and the current global economic crisis learned us the hard way not to take anything for granted. Our social lives have been affected heavily. Because of lockdown, we changed habits overnight: classroom learning, business or family meetings, eat out in a restaurant,… everything has been turned upside down. The way we used to live together, to work and learn have been dramatically modified. 

Albert Einstein said, “in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.” We believe this crisis can bring some positives and long-awaited changes in our modern society. Today, most of us are looking for improvement in both their personal and professional lives. In today’s ‘’New Normal’’, there is an urgent need to reshape the workplace, learn better, and live in better places. 

Over the last months, organizations and schools from all over the world had to rethink their businesses and how they teach in order to survive. Most of times, it has been for the best: workers and learners used the latest technology advances to work and learn remotely.

Education technology demonstrated to the world its commitment in supporting millions of learners accross the world enabling knowledge and support from K-12 to Higher Education students, and multinational coworkers. 

The global crisis accelerated technology adoption by businesses and education institutions: digital learning and remote working are now part of the new normal. Sudents and workers can now access courses anytime, anywhere and learn new skills from the confort of their home. As the workplace and the society are more technological than ever, the need to maintain our core competencies and upskill will remain high. Learning new skills, stay up-to-date, and upskill are now a prerequisite for anyone willing to stand out.

In fast paced sectors such as Real Estate and Construction, the need for adaptability, creativity, innovation and agility is stronger than ever. The major technological shifts occurred lately cannot be handled without upskilling and learning new skills. This is where dedicated learning platforms like add value to the learning ecosystem by providing a top-notch user experience and engaging content.

E-learning has the advantage to deliver an on-demand format of courses that fits today’s aspiration and lifestyle. Knowledge assimilation and adoption is as good with Digital learning than with any traditional learning course according to many studies. Constant learning gives learners the ability to adapt quickly and remain competitive in an employment market impacted by low recruitments and business bankruptcies. In the United Kingdom for example, around one in three organisations expect to cut jobs over the next three months as the proportion of employers looking to make redundancies increases this quarter.

In such uncertain times, we belive it is now vital for workers, experienced or not, and students to maintain a high-level of resilience and an appetite for lifelong learning to distinguish themselves in a very competitive market.

As the future is now, digital skills, soft and technical skills will be more important than ever, at RE-L Network, we contribute to make the New Normal more easy to our users and help them navigate the future with confidence.

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