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Lifetime Training Launches Chef Academy

Lifetime Training Launches Chef Academy
@Lifetime_UK has launched a new Chef Academy initiative to further enhance the skills and knowledge of chef apprentices. The Lifetime Chef Academy consists of a range of masterclasses and enrichment days to develop technical skills in a supportive environment.

Lifetime is the largest hospitality apprenticeship training provider in the UK and created the academy to meet growing demand for masterclass-style learning. It was developed in partnership with industry-leading chefs including celebrity chef Joe Hurd. The Chef Academy provides hands-on learning experience to further enhance the Commis Chef Level 2 and Production Chef Level 2 apprenticeship delivery.

The Chef Academy was launched at a conference on 30th January, which brought together key Hospitality employers at Becketts Farm training kitchen near Birmingham. Attendees met the chefs behind the course and were treated to a range of freshly made desserts which feature on the masterclass menu cards.

Speaking about the Chef Academy, celebrity chef Joe Hurd said: “The aim was to create a contemporary, dynamic programme which is responsive to the sector and the students themselves.

“We’ve designed a programme that’s attractive to a new generation of chefs, one which promotes the relationship between chef and supplier. Chef Academy apprentices will gain a theoretical understanding of areas they never had before and an experience that shines above anything else in the industry.

“Most of all they will come out of it with a respect for the ingredients, for the skills they’ve learnt, and a sense of enthusiasm for the role. This inspiration and encouragement gained from the programme is invaluable at such an early stage in their career.”

Masterclass sessions are incorporated throughout the apprentice’s learning journey, focusing on developing technical skills needed in specific modules on the programme. Masterclasses are delivered in closed or open cohorts of 8 to 12 apprentices at training kitchens across the country.

Enrichment days take the form of market and farm visits. Market days will guide learners through a wholesale food market to develop skills in speaking with vendors and learning about wholesale purchasing. Farm days develop an understanding of modern and organic farming practices.

The Chef Academy is an optional addition to normal one-to-one programme delivery. Programmes which include Chef Academy delivery will still be within the apprenticeship funding bands.

The Chef Academy makes up one of three expert training academies as part of Lifetime Training’s Centre of Excellence, which also includes Lifetime’s Leadership Academy and Hospitality Academy. The focus is on providing expert development for apprentices across hospitality, from Commis Chef to Hospitality Manager. 


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