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Long Life Dairy Soars to Top of the Class

VIVA flavoured milk No Added Sugar

Kids’ favourite* and the No 1# choice in schools VIVA flavoured milk No Added Sugar, has been helping the education sector manage fluctuating operations during Covid and return to school.

Lakeland Dairies Foodservice’s new range of VIVA flavoured long-life milk drinks is proving invaluable to caterers looking for nutritious and tasty options that are also shelf-stable during the pandemic.

Caterers in schools and further educational establishments across the country continue to provide healthy school lunches for those who have returned to the class room, and food parcels/boxes to those children and students who would normally receive benefits-related free school meals, but who are self-isolating at home. The Department for Education’s guidance states that the parcels should: contain food items that minimise the need for fridge and freezer space in schools and homes, contain items that are not restricted under the School Food Standards, and ensure that package sizing is appropriate for household use.

Paul Chmielewski, Head of Marketing and International at Lakeland Dairies, said:

“Our new VIVA No Added Sugar range of chocolate, strawberry and banana flavoured milk, really ticks all the boxes. Not only do children love the great taste, but caterers can be confident that they are school compliant, meet guidance for appropriate space and do not need to be stored in fridges. VIVA milk drinks are low in fat, suitable for vegetarians and free from artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and sweeteners.

“Milk provides a natural source of Protein, Iodine, Vitamin B12 and Calcium (each carton provides 30% of an adults RDI of Calcium). We add Vitamin D to ensure that these products really do provide the very best in nutritional benefits to children, whilst being packed with amazing, great flavours. With a smooth creamy texture to match it is no surprise 3 out of 4 kids preferred the taste of VIVA*.”

The single serve cartons are designed to be easy to store, serve and drink. As a high-quality, long-life milk product, they have a lengthy shelf life, whilst also being wholesome and delicious. This means they are an ideal solution to managing stock and avoiding waste as a result of localised lockdowns, or school bubbles bursting and demands fluctuating during the academic year.

Lakeland Dairies Foodservice, a specialist business division of leading, farmer-owned, Irish dairy co-operative, has more than 100 years’ experience of tradition and excellence using milk produced from green pastures on 3,200 family owned farms. This extensive heritage in making long life products ensures it delivers on taste and function, to help provide the maximum convenience for caterers.

It was the first flavoured milk provider to use paper straws – saving an equivalent of 6.5 tonnes of plastic every year. With packaging that is 100% recyclable using material from FSC certified sources and milk that is fully traceable, VIVA flavoured milk No Added Sugar is fast becoming the first choice for school caterers.

* In blind taste tests carried out independently across the country by 10 – 16-year-olds, (February 2020) 3 out of 4 kids (74%) preferred the taste of VIVA No Added Sugar.

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