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#LookBeyond A Dead End Career With The 10 Latest Apprenticeships

In celebration of #NationalApprenticeshipWeek (3-7th February 2020) Thornton & Lowe have taken a look at the wide range of apprenticeships available and highlighted some you probably didn’t even know existed.

In-line with the theme of the awareness week, ‘Look Beyond’, the list is focused on recently created opportunities across a variety of industries, all of which have evolved within the last year to support the next generation. 

It’s also important to know that apprenticeships are not only for young people, but those of all ages as a great pathway to a career of your choice – no matter how outrageous it may initially sound!

1. Ecologist

As an Ecology Apprentice you’ll study the relationship between animals, humans and plants, and the environment. The role will include significant analytical skills with field-based surveys/investigations/experiments to evaluate, gather findings and review solutions. 

Ecologists have an important role to play in resolving potentially conflicting demands between economic development and the environment.

2. Bid & Proposal Co-ordinator

The role of a Bid & Proposal Co-ordinator can be applied across multiple sectors, and valued as integral to bringing new business through the end-to-end proposal process.

Working across the various business teams, the role involves coordinating the opportunity from tracking opportunities, request for information (RFI) stage, bid resource, writing and development, through to a timely completion of tender submissions to win business.

3. Props Technician

A Props Technician offers support and assists with all forms of props, a movable object found in film, TV and/or theatre. From the initial identification, the Props Technician will then continue to work with the wider team to source, cost, work and maintain the full lifecycle of the prop for the production. 

As part of the role, Props Technician Apprentices may also get involved with the creation of props and sets. 

4. Smart Home Technician

In the last decade, we have seen the introduction of many ‘smart home’ devices, allowing us to control things like our heating, lighting and electronic devices from our mobile phones. 

As this market continues to grow, with more and more reliant on technology, a Smart Home Technician Apprentice will install, configure and maintain this new ecosystem.

5. Acoustics Technician

An Acoustics Engineering Technician will develop their knowledge in the transmission of sound and vibration through different materials and its behaviour. Working alongside other specialists, such as Acoustic Consultants and Engineers, together they would focus on the acoustic aspects of a project / environment. 

Acoustics is considered in many construction and major engineering projects, such as HS2 and The Sage Concert Hall Gateshead.

6. Advanced Forensic Practitioner (custody or sexual assault)

This unique role involves gathering evidence through forensic solutions for the police. Remaining impartial an Advanced Forensic Practitioner’s work includes; forensic sampling, toxicology, documentation of injuries and provision of a statement to support the criminal justice system.

7. Arts Therapist

Arts Therapists utilise both artistic flair and psychology as a medium to carry out therapy interventions, supporting someone’s physical, mental or emotional wellbeing. 

The role involves working with people of all ages in settings such as the NHS, local authorities, voluntary, or private sector, hospitals, clinics, education, shelters, hospices, or prisons.

8. Bespoke Furniture Maker

Working with a wide range of materials, an apprentice bespoke furniture maker will assist with the creation and production of furniture such as beds, chairs, tables, kitchens and office furniture. 

This covers a broad selection of industries, meeting the needs of clients specific requirements.

9. Boat Master

This marine apprenticeship is a great pathway into the Maritime industry, becoming the captain of a single vessel boat or a key member of the crew for a large freight operator. It covers a wide range of commercial activity on inland tidal and non-tidal waterways. 

The role involves; navigation, steering and lookout; management of passengers and cargo; operating and maintaining deck gear; and assisting with mooring.

10. Express Delivery Manager

As an express delivery manager you’ll use strategic business operations and management to plan and deliver goods to demanding specifications. 

With the rapid and significant growth of online sales, the logistics industry has also had to evolve and become technology-led, utilising data and innovation with route planning and performance indicators for example.

And, these are just a few of the many exciting opportunities and industries now available through apprenticeships. With the rise and changes in businesses across the UK and beyond, more employers are exploring and benefiting from this route to attract and retain new talent as Logistics Apprentices

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