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Manchester is the 7th best city in the world to attend university


The World’s Best Cities to be a Student

With well over 100 universities in the UK and thousands across the world, choosing the right institute to study can be a challenging feat. So which university will suit you best?

AppJobs has analysed the world’s top cities to study in, and ranked them according to key factors important to students. By compiling rent prices, the number of universities in each city, the number of part-time jobs on offer, the number of concerts and shows and the average cost of a pint, AppJobs has pinpointed the best cities in the world to study. So will you be catching a flight to attend university?

Studying at university offers a chance for students to not only further their education and kick start their career, but for many it’s the first step to adulthood and independence. With so many options to choose from – it can be a daunting prospect to find the perfect fit.

AppJobs has ranked the world’s top cities on a variety of key factors to create the ultimate index for students who are still deciding on which city to study in.

The new index by AppJobs reveals that the top 5 best cities in the world to be a student are:

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

  2. Moscow, Russia

  3. Berlin, Germany

  4. Beijing, China

  5. Tokyo, Japan

Prague comes in as the best city to study at university, topping the leaderboard for having the cheapest pint of beer at £1.23. This is nearly five times less than London which is £5.31, coming in as the 10th most expensive city for a beer. The city is also known for how picturesque it is, receiving a whopping 7.65 million tourists in 2017. Ranking as the second cheapest location for monthly rent, Prague allows students to experience what it’s like to study in a major city whilst also living an affordable lifestyle,

With many students concerned about budgeting, research by AppJobs reveals the cities that are the best for reducing money worries and come in as the cheapest locations to rent property. Prague and Berlin feature again in the top 5, and Manchester – one of the liveliest cities in the UK – comes in at 4th. With nearly 100,000 students studying across four different universities, Manchester is a top destination to study and have a good social life on a budget.

It’s no secret that, for many students, nightlife and entertainment is one of the key factors in deciding where to go to university.

AppJobs’ research reveals that if students want to experience the most lively evening entertainment, they should go nowhere other than the Big Apple. If America is slightly further afield than you’d planned to go for university, the UK’s capital city London came in a close second.

Moscow, Paris and Tokyo should also be at the top of your list for cities to study if nightlife is what you’re most looking forward to!

Iwona Polog, Head of Growth from AppJobs comments:

‘Attending university can be a life-changing experience and it is important to choose the right location. University challenges students not only academically, but is also the first time many have lived independently and potentially moved to a new city.

Before making a decision as to what university you’d like to attend, it’s worthwhile to make a list of what is most important to you to have as part of your university experience. From there, you can narrow down your options.’

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