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My Environment My Future also available to support A-level Geography

“Industrial scale” schools programme for the Built Environment extended to A-level.

Since its launch in April 2020, My Environment My Future (MEMF) has already reached over 200 teachers and is possibly already the UK’s largest schools programme specifically introducing the career options and opportunities of the Built Environment. 

A sector of over 3 million people with huge challenges in skills and manpower, needs an industrial scale solution to help it attract more of the best and brightest, and that is what MEMF has the potential to be.    

We are excited to announce that My Environment My Future has now been extended to support the A-level Geography syllabus as well as GCSE. After many recommendations from teachers, extending MEMF from GCSE to A-levels seemed to be an obvious progression, aligning with our core aim: making careers guidance easily accessible by incorporating it into the core curriculum. 

A-levels are undoubtedly a pivotal point in any young person’s life. It may be their final stage of education before heading into the world of work or the stepping-stone to further their academic career at university. Either way it can play an important part in shaping their immediate and long-term future. In creating and extending MEMF, with the support of the sector, we can help both teachers and students as they navigate this challenging transition by providing a geography A-level programme that showcases exciting, sustainable and rewarding careers. 

Adopting the same format as MEMF at GCSE level, we have designed the programme to ensure it meets all the requirements for the OCR, AQA and Edexcel curriculum, specifically the  Changing Places (AQA), Changing Spaces; Making Places (OCR) and Shaping Places (Edexcel) modules. The programme so far, contains 4 lessons in total with accompanying PowerPoints, lesson plans and industry curated resources to compliment the A-level curriculum. This approach has the greatest impact on young people with minimal change needed from teachers.

While our teacher steering group has worked hard to perfect the A-level MEMF content we are launching this beta version and offering an exciting opportunity for teachers and industry professionals to have their say and shape the final version. We would value feedback from professionals who can spare the time to review the beta-version.

We always envisaged MEMF being a collaboration between the built environment and the education sector where individuals from both came together to create a programme that ensures the best education for all young people. The floor is now open to you, the experts, to guide us on how we can improve MEMF. 

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