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New high-quality apprenticeship standards in bricklaying and plastering approved for delivery by @IFATechEd

There is another significant boost to apprenticeships this week, with new high-quality apprenticeship standards in bricklaying and plastering being approved for delivery by the Institute for Apprenticeships.

Around 4,000 apprentices are expected to enrol on the bricklayer apprenticeship every year and up to 1,500 apprentices to undertake plastering each year.

The new standards were designed by employers and are backed by the Federation of Master Builders. Construction is a growing and important sector and the new standards will give apprentices the skills that the construction sector needs.

Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), said:

These higher quality construction apprenticeships have the potential to help solve the construction skills crisis. The bricklayer and plasterer apprenticeships were designed by employers which will ensure they produce the tradespeople they need. The apprenticeships are longer in duration and cover a broader range of knowledge and hand-skills. This not only benefits the employers but also the apprentices who will be arming themselves with a wider range of skills for their future careers.

Sir Gerry BerraganSir Gerry Berragan, Chief Executive of the Institute for Apprenticeships, said:

As sector specialists, the Bricklayer and Plasterer Apprenticeship Trailblazer Group really understood employers’ needs, and they’ve worked hard to include the skills and experience that would best serve both employers and apprentices in these occupations for the future. Ultimately, these apprenticeships will produce well trained, skilled employees who can add significant value and help their organisations thrive.

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