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New Website To Help Employers Find The Right Training

A new website recently launched by the Learning and Skills Council (LSC), the organisation responsible for making England better skilled and more competitive, is giving businesses across the capital more help to get better training, much of it publicly funded, for their staff as well as supporting the government’s Skills Strategy.

The Employers’ Guide to Training Providers is a comprehensive online tool that helps London employers identify and locate quality, publicly funded training in their local area. 

  • Database that can be searched by type or location of training, or by training organisation
  • Guidance on how to choose and evaluate a training provider, plus an explanation of some of the terms an employer is likely to come across when contacting them

Jacqui Henderson CBE, Regional Director of London’s five LSCs (Central, East, North, South and West), said,

“As the body that helps employers to get the training they need for their business, we must do everything we can to encourage employers to invest in training and development and one way that we can do this is to simplify the process of finding industry-specific, quality training.

“The website will also help employers to find training to comply with the law in such areas as health and safety, disability, discrimination and employment. It will help employers to find the right training provider to meet their organisation’s needs.”

Research reveals that more employers need to get involved in training staff. According to the LSC’s National Employer Skills Survey, more than one fifth (22%) of employers say the skills of the workforce are not up to scratch.

Having an under-skilled workforce adversely affects the bottom line for more than 30% of these employers, who stated higher operating costs as a consequence. Over one fifth of these employers said that they had lost orders as a result, with quality and customer service also significantly affected.

Despite this, nearly one third of employers admitted that the lack of skills among their staff was down to their own failure to train staff.

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