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Degree-level Apprenticeship in Economics

Government Economic Service lead the way in developing the new approved Professional Economist Integrated Degree Apprenticeship

The Institute for Apprenticeships has now approved the Professional Economist Integrated Degree Apprenticeship for delivery.

A diverse range of employers from across the industry helped to design and develop the new standard, as part of the Professional Economist Apprenticeship trailblazer group, led by the Government Economic Service (GES).

Open to those with 3 A-Levels and an aptitude for maths, this 4-year integrated degree apprenticeship will create a new career route to becoming a professional economist. Once complete, apprentices will have a level 6 apprenticeship, an economics degree, along with the experience of 4 years on-the-job training.

For the GES, this is a new recruitment route into the profession. Apprentices will be provided with all the training to meet the high standards required of a government economist, through both formal and on the job learning, whilst earning.

This Standard is now open and available to all employers. For public sector organisations, the GES are leading on the procurement of a training provider partner, to be in place by mid-September 2018. Around 75 economist apprentices will be appointed across the Civil Service and wider public sector by August 2019, with training starting September 2019.

This new apprenticeship model is a key step in broadening the range of entry routes into the economics profession, and providing the opportunity for those from diverse backgrounds to embark upon a career in economics.

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