From education to employment


Commenting, NUS Scotland President Liam McCabe said:

“The Scottish Conservative Party manifesto offers very little for Scotland’s students. Students don’t need empty platitudes about ‘getting Brexit sorted’; we need a People’s Vote and guarantees to protect EU funding and student mobility.

“While we welcome plans for a student visa, which we hope will include the previously announced extension of post-study work visas to 2 years, the Conservative plans for the immigration system are an unjustifiable continuation of their own ‘hostile environment’ policy that many migrants continue to endure.

“NUS Scotland are further concerned that the Scottish Conservatives are dodging their duty to tackle the climate crisis. 2050 is too little too late for Scotland to be carbon neutral.

“Conservative plans to “protect democracy” by bringing in voter ID will only serve to disenfranchise thousands of voters from already marginalised groups. NUS Scotland have made clear our firm opposition to this regressive policy.

“While education is devolved, public funding available for education and skills in Scotland goes up or down due to decisions taken by the UK Parliament. Whatever the result of the general election, the next UK Government must increase public investment to ensure greater funds are available for Scotland’s education sector. Scotland’s students deserve nothing less.”

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