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Ofsted rates Leicester College as ‘Good’ status for teacher training provision

Leicester College (@LeicesterColl) has received a ‘Good’ status from Ofsted for the Teacher Education provision delivered to both its own staff and trainees external to the College.

Ofsted’s recent inspection looked at the College’s Initial Teacher Education (ITE) resources for PGCE and Level 5 University Diploma in Education students.

The inspector found that ‘trainees benefit from the support of knowledgeable subject-specialist mentors…who provide insightful guidance on subject-specific pedagogy and how trainees can work successfully in their own setting’.

The report also states that the College provides ‘a firm focus on teaching trainees key teaching skills’ and has ‘carefully selected teachers for the ITE courses who have an appropriate background’ and ‘demonstrate high expectations and model good teaching practices’.

Marco Salotti, Head of Higher Education at Leicester College said:

“As an ITE provider, we are delighted that our teacher training courses have been rated as ‘Good’ by Ofsted. We strive to provide a high standard of theoretical and practical learning for our trainee teachers and it’s pleasing to have this validation of the excellent work of the team.”

Some other key aspects of the ITE programme highlighted in the report include:

  • Well-planned lessons that are taught in a lively and engaging way
  • Incorporation of recent, relevant research
  • High-quality teaching materials including digital resources
  • Rigorous and ambitious curriculum
  • Effective use of formative assessment throughout programmes to check progress


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