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We are proud to announce the release of our new, task-based, CognAssist interventions, which are enhanced through video and downloadable resources designed to support learners to achieve.

With so much learning and entertainment content available cost-free online, modern learners are content connoisseurs. They have high expectations, and therefore, it is our aim to ensure that our learning content matches them.

That’s why we have used modern UX patterns that learners would already be familiar with, such as scrolling through a news article, rather than the ‘click-and-next’ method which is typical in less savvy types of eLearning.

Our research shows that 25% of learners access CognAssist on a mobile device and with current online usage trends; we expect this number to continue to rise. So, we are leading the way by making all of our new interventions mobile-friendly so that they look fantastic and are easy to use on any device.

Of course with accessibility being key for our learners we have made the new interventions more accessible and we continue to ensure that content is designed to fully meet W3C accessibility standards.

As every apprenticeship is different, we have worked with experts in neuropsychology to design an adaptive curriculum that is relevant to the learner’s individual cognitive profile and the level at which they are studying.

We are constantly using feedback to develop the product. Providing downloads and transcripts, as mentioned previously, are a common user request, and we’ve also looked at the tone of the videos – lifting the level slightly and making the tone more professional. In response to user feedback, we’ve also introduced more diversity in our actors and branched out into new styles of video, such as animation.

Releasing new content is always exciting for us and we can’t wait for organisations and their learners to start using it. This is just the beginning of our journey, too, with new content releases planned on a regular basis over the coming months. So, if you’re already a CognAssist user, log in to experience the new content and if you aren’t, simply get in touch to find out about how we can support your organisation.

CognAssist rapidly identifies those learners with additional learning needs, through an innovative, digital assessment and responds effectively through the adoption of tailored learning strategies.

Here’s how the evidence developed from the CognAssist assessment and implementation of CognAssist strategies can benefit your organisation:

  • Supports the drawdown of LSF1, which is £150 per learner, per month.  
  • Supports the improvement of your Ofsted Grade by demonstrating your commitment to improving outcomes for all learners.
  • Supports learner engagement through implementation of tailored learning strategies.

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