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Over 1,000 locals attend Eccles Sixth Form College Annual Country Fair

It was a magical day at the Eccles Sixth Form College’s Second Annual Country Fair. Crowds flocked to the leafy green suburb of Eccles for the event which included an enchanted unicorn trail, animal grooming and all things country.

The college, which prides itself on its incredible indoor and outdoor animal centre, opened its doors to the general public on Saturday 23 June, for a day of fun, food and fantasy.

The unicorn themed event proved to go down extremely well with those in attendance, with more than 1,000 families through the door on the day. 

The event featured an array of activities for children and adults alike, with an enchanted and country theme.

Children were left mesmerised by the spectacular Parrot and Punch and Judy Shows, donkey rides, bouncy castle, rodeo bull and messy play. The college also put on an enchanted unicorn trail featuring real-life ponies.

Visitors were also able to enjoy the college’s collection of animals in their specialist outdoor centre. From llamas and alpacas, meerkats and mongoose, to miniature goats, baby lambs, capybara, racoon dogs and marmoset monkeys. At the event, children were invited to groom a goat and pet baby chicks and ducks.

Though there was plenty of action for the kids, adults were encouraged to enjoy the sunshine by the prosecco van, set appropriately amongst hay bales, for added relaxation. There was live country music, market stalls and plenty to eat and drink as well.  

College staff and students all played their part in making the event a success, which has been celebrated by the college.

Rebecca Parks, Head of College, said: “The day was a staggering success and we had more than 1,400 adults through the gate, accompanied by their families, which is truly incredible. 

“Since the event, we have been inundated with positive feedback from visitors and I must say, we were overwhelmed by all the support we received from staff and students in order to make the day such a success. 

“The event allowed us to showcase our amazing facilities, staff and students and also allowed the spirit of Eccles to shine through.”

Local resident and neighbour to the college, Katy Finch, gushed about the event, commenting that it was ‘one of the best family-centred events we have been to locally’.

She said: “It was such a lovely day and the event was so well run. Thank you so much for inviting the community onto your campus.

“My 5-year-old son and I walk past the college each day on the way to school and he was so excited to come into the college and see where the ‘big boys’ and girls’ learn.

“You have such amazing facilities and you showcased them in a welcoming and fun way. The students that we saw were all so enthusiastic and professional; a credit to the college.”

Other comments made on the day included, ‘It was the best Further Education community event I have ever been a part of’ and when referring to the country fair and the weekend of football, one visitor commented, ‘if Carlsberg did weekends’.

Applications are still open to study at Eccles Sixth Form College, call 0161 631 5000 for more information.

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