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Over HALF of UK employees do not have ‘essential’ digital skills

Research by has indicated that employers struggle to fill about one-third of vacancies due to a lack of the right digital skills amongst applicants and although evidence suggests that the UK does have a strong digitally enabled workforce, there still remains a digital skill shortage.

To explore the subject further, Reboot Online Digital Marketing Agency analysed the latest findings found within the report ‘The UK Consumer Digital Index’ by Lloyds Bank to further understand the impact the UK digital skills shortage is having on the job market.

Reboot Online then spoke exclusively to Martin Calvert, a director at Blueclaw and Alan Bryant, Strategy Lead at Livity in order to gain greater insight into the impact of the UK digital skills shortage. 

Here are some of the key findings:

  • Since 2018, there are 1.8 million MORE people with the highest digital capability.
  • It is forecast that by 2030, 4.5 million UK adults will still lack ‘foundation’ digital skills.
  • Over 50% of UK employees do not have the essential digital skills needed for work.
  • 40% cannot ‘Recognise and avoid suspicious links and popups’.


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