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‘Pestaurant’ and ‘Hygiene Angels’ visit Sussex Coast College Hastings

Rentokil Initial visited Hastings last week to install two interactive pop-up stands, ‘Pestaurant’ and ‘Hygiene Angels’ at Sussex Coast College.

On Wednesday 14th June, the ‘Pestaurant’ gave students and staff the opportunity to try ‘entomophagy’ (the official name for insect eating). The ‘mini-bug buffet’ featured a selection of edible insects, including buffalo worms, locusts, BBQ bamboo worms, flying termites and ‘Frankenstein Fudge’.

While the crunchy critters were being eaten, the Hygiene Angels were checking levels of bacteria found on common items such as mobile phones. Students and staff handed over their phones to be swabbed, and were then given a reading of how clean their belongings were. The Hygiene Angels then promoted the importance of proper hand washing.

Dr Peter Barratt, Initial Washroom Hygiene, comments, “Personal items, such as phones, handbags and computers come into regular contact with our hands, and our Hygiene Angels pop-up highlights just how high the risk of cross-contamination is, how easily germs can spread from one surface to another and why we all need to take more responsibility to improve our hand hygiene.”

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