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Platforms unite to give students greater access to safe marketplaces

Campus Society and Paperclip Bring Social Marketplace to University Students

Campus Society, the social network for students, has today announced a partnership with Paperclip; the UK’s student marketplace.

The brands will bring together Campus Society’s verified population of students with Paperclip’s bespoke marketplace, to provide a dedicated channel for students to safely sell, buy and exchange goods.

This follows bespoke research, finding that just 10% of students at the University of Swansea* felt comfortable selling belongings on Facebook Marketplace, as they don’t want their personal transactions to be on display for all of their contacts to see.

The partnership also comes after reports of high scammer activity on mainstream online marketplaces. This, coupled with a high percentage of trade sellers and high commissions, could make students increasingly reluctant to use platforms such as eBay and Gumtree.

“What students want is a safe space to buy, sell and trade discretely – a community of trusted individuals,” says Alan Small, Co-Founder and COO of Paperclip. “This simple truth has been a driving force behind 31 UK universities already registering with Paperclip, as the virtual exchange of items continue to grow in popularity.”

“Campus Society is pleased to be working with an exciting and innovative company like Paperclip, who is offering students a new way to trade,” comments Rashid Ajami, Chairman and Founder of Campus Society.

“What brings Campus Society and Paperclip together is a shared focus on community and a belief that networks best prosper when they are built on trust, mutual passions and similar mindsets. We want our members to find affordable items they want and sell the books and objects they no longer need to an already engaged audience.”

Paperclip is the latest of several brands to collaborate with Campus Society this year. The partnership comes following the company’s recent work with Barclays to provide students with free e-textbooks. Campus Society continues to explore opportunities to cooperate with those brands who want to reach university students within an exclusive social network available only to registered students.

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