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Primary school accountability

Technical guidance on primary school accountability, school-level progress measures and similar schools.


Primary school accountability in 2019: technical guide

Ref: DfE-00172-2019 PDF, 453KB, 34 pages

Primary progress measures: summary

Ref: DFE-00253-2016PDF, 270KB, 5 pages

Key stage 2 similar schools guidance: 2018

Ref: DFE-00047-2019PDF, 3.24MB, 11 pages

How we calculate the progress measure bandings: key stage 2

Ref: DFE-00360-2018PDF, 127KB, 5 pages


The technical guide is for all primary schools. It sets out how we calculate primary school accountability measures for the school performance tables.

There’s also:

  • a summary of primary progress measures
  • a video that explains how we measure primary school performance
  • information about how we calculate key stage 2 progress measure bandings in the school performance tables

The guidance on similar schools explains the data and calculations we use to group ‘similar schools’ in the school performance tables.

Primary school accountability video

Published 29 January 2016
Last updated 2 September 2019 + show all updates

  1. Updated with revised primary school accountability technical guide valid from September 2019. The document details the changes.
  2. Replaced 2017 ‘Key stage 2 similar schools guidance’ document with 2018 version.
  3. Updated ‘How we calculate the progress measure bandings: key stage 2’ with 2018 figures.
  4. Updated ‘Primary school accountability in 2018: technical guide’. The document details the changes. Also updated ‘How we calculate the progress measure bandings: key stage 2’.
  5. Updated ‘Primary school accountability in 2018’. The document details the changes.
  6. Updated primary school accountability technical guidance.
  7. Added information about progress measure bandings.
  8. Published similar schools technical guidance for 2017. Removed documents relevant only to 2016.
  9. Updated the primary school accountability in 2017 technical guide to include the 2017 coasting threshold.
  10. Updated the technical guide with information about changes to the primary progress methodology in 2017 for pupils below the standard of the test. Also updated figures in the document with provisional 2017 data.
  11. Updated technical guide to include proposed changes to methodology in 2017 for including pupils below the standard of the test in the progress measures. Also confirms that we will set thresholds for floor standards and coasting definition for 2017 in the autumn.
  12. Updated the ‘Key stage 2: progress measure bandings’ document on how we calculate the progress descriptions.
  13. Updated guidance with a link to the coasting schools regulations, and additional information about what happens once a school falls within the coasting definition.
  14. Added video explaining how we measure primary school performance.
  15. Update to the technical guidance with revised 2016 data published on 15 December 2016. Added ‘ready reckoners’ and bandings guide.
  16. Updated the main technical guidance document with a ‘coasting’ schools definition. Updated the summary document with further information about how we calculate primary progress measures.
  17. Updated ‘Primary school accountability in 2016’. Updates included on sufficient progress thresholds, high score thresholds, key stage 2 writing teacher assessment points and pupils below the standard of the test. Also added the document ‘Primary accountability: summary of new progress measures’.
  18. First published.

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