From education to employment


LEADER of the Conservative Party David Cameron met Doncaster College Principal Rowland Foote as the politician delivered the second annual Relate Institute lecture.

Mr Cameron spoke about the importance of families during his 30-minute speech at the Royal Geographic Society in London on Wednesday, June 9.

Before the speech, the leader of the opposition met with College Principal Rowland Foote who spoke about the College’s Hub and High Melton campuses as well as the long-term plan to become a University.

When asked about funding cuts to students taking a second degree equivalent or below their first, Mr Cameron responded: “We think it was a mistake and we have put pressure on the Government to see if there is anything we can do.

“We should be helping organisations like this, not hindering them. We will continue to put pressure on the Government about this and look at it in our next manifesto to see if we can put it right."

It was the second Relate Institute lecture since Doncaster College and relationship charity Relate became partners in 2006. The Relate Institute, based at the College’s High Melton campus, is the country’s first centre of excellence for relationship studies and trains more than 300 counsellors a year.


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