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Promethean announces training partner for Scotland

Promethean, aglobal leader in interactive learning technology, hasformed an exclusive partnership with experienced Scottish training provider,Reid Kerr College. As a Promethean Authorised Learning Centre, Reid Kerr willoffer a wide range of Promethean accredited training courses to all schools andcolleges across Scotland, helping teachers to maximise the use of Informationand Communication Technologies (ICT) in teaching and learning.

As well as sharing Promethean’s vision tobetter equip practitioners in making learning dynamic, rewarding and enrichingfor today’s digital generation, Reid Kerr is committed to raising standards ofICT competency in education. Furthermore, Reid Kerr is one of the fastestgrowing further education colleges in Scotland, and has a rich history in adulteducation. Combined, these factors made Reid Kerr a natural partner forPromethean when selecting its Scottish accredited training provider. 

Through the new partnership, Reid Kerrwill offer a full spectrum of educator-led training, ranging from face-to-facefoundation level ActivLearning courses to more advanced certificated programmes,covering curriculum development and peer-to-peer training.

The courses will explore effective use ofActivClassroom technologies, including the new ActivInspire teaching andlearning software on Promethean ActivBoards, as well as offer training on usingPromethean software with other brands of interactive whiteboard. In addition,ancillary training courses are offered to assist with the effective integrationof Promethean’s world leading ActiVote and ActivExpression Learner ResponseSystems.

Delivering further flexibility to schools,Reid Kerr offers bespoke training packages to meet the specific needs ofschools, and is able to hold sessions at its purpose built facilities, on-sitein schools or via distance learning. Courses are also suitable for participantswho are migrating from other brands of interactive technologies and for thosewho are using these solutions for the first time.

“Interactive technologies have thepotential to enhance learning and teaching. Key to realising these benefitshowever, is ensuring teachers are confident and competent users of thesesolutions,” said Joe Mooney, Principal at Reid Kerr College. “To supportScottish teachers in becoming effective users of ICT, Reid Kerr offers thehighest quality training for Promethean technologies in a variety of accessibleand interactive formats, and to suit users of all skill and confidence levels.”

All Promethean courses have been speciallycreated to encourage collaborative working, peer-to-peer support and provideopportunities for sharing and interactivity. Furthermore, courses are deliveredin small groups to ensure participants get the most out of the training.

Offering added value for schools, ReidKerr trainees gain free access to Promethean ActivLearning courses via theonline training and professional development portal found at portal allows teachers to revise and revisit topics, refresh their skills,or complete higher level training programmes in their own time and at a pacethat suits. Upon completion of each level, teachers will receive a certificatethat may be used as evidence of continuing professional development (CPD).

“In a recent survey of UK classroomteachers, Promethean found that just 45% of respondents were confident using aninteractive whiteboard in lessons. Consequently, Promethean has developed itstraining, to provide a wider variety of flexible, accessible and cost-effectiveoptions for schools,” said Margaret Allen, former teacher and Head of EuropeanEducation Market Development at Promethean.

“By enrolling Reid Kerr into our globalnetwork of Promethean Authorised Learning Centres, we’re now able to offerlocalised training courses to teachers in Scotland through an established andwell-respected provider. Furthermore, due to the college’s size and 12 strongteam of accredited trainers – all of which are practising educators – Reid Kerrhas the resources to deliver excellent coverage across Scotland. This will helptake Promethean training to a greater number of schools, supporting teachers inimplementing Curriculum for Excellence capacities, and allowing them tomaximise the benefits of interactive technologies in the classroom.”

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