From education to employment

Pursuing a Career in Social Work

Patrick Hamilton

Support Worker Patrick Hamilton returns to education to work towards a career in Social Work with Cambridge Regional College (@CRC_College)

After completing his secondary education, Patrick Hamilton entered employment within the healthcare industry as a Support Worker in the substance misuse field, a vocation that he thoroughly enjoyed. After several years of working in the sector, Patrick made the decision to return to education to work towards a career in Social Work.

After researching his options, Patrick opted for the Access to Social Work with Cambridge Regional College, a decision he based upon the location of the college campus along with the course content, length and format, all of which allowed him to continue to work as he studied.

Patrick said, “Studying at CRC was a great experience, the tutors were incredibly supportive, I learned a lot and made some great friends, who I have stayed in contact with. I am now studying Social Work at the University of East Anglia and I am finding that that the topics covered on the Access course have been very relevant to my degree.”

“If you are thinking of returning to education, go for it. There are many reasons not to do something, most of which can be overcome. I was able to work flexible hours to allow me to study and I found a great scheme where the fees for the Access course are written-off when you go on to complete degree.”

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