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The Institute talks… about apprenticeships in construction and the built environment

In this episode of The Institute talks, we talk about the exciting construction route review and the various areas that are being improved, including health and safety, sustainability and much more.

In this podcast, our host Neil Jones, is joined by route panel members Ruth Devine and Paul Skerry as well as two apprentices, Joe McGilley, a civil engineering apprentice and Shannon Maine, a bricklaying apprentice.

Ruth and Paul explore areas of the construction route review that are improving, and the vast apprenticeships available within the route. They focus on key areas, such as mental health and modern methods in construction, and how it will help the industry as well as apprentices.

The two apprentices, also share on how their apprenticeship experience has been, and ways they think the route can be better.

Shannon also highlights her ambition to encourage more women to be apart of the industry.

“I never thought that especially being a female, that I could actually do things on site because I always thought it’s just men, but I think apprenticeships are just such a great opportunity, and I want to get more females involved in this trade”

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