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#AI implementation in schools to reduce workload on teachers

Education Secretary, Damian HInds

In light of the news this morning that the UK’s Education Secretary Damian Hinds has called for innovative technologies such as AI to be implemented to reduce the workload on teachers, open source pioneer, SUSE, offer the following commentary: 

As a disruptive technology, artificial intelligence has the potential to impact every sector and education is no exception. While innovation in AI is still climbing the hype curve, we’re already seeing its use cases begin to proliferate.

Education Secretary Damian Hinds’ call for innovative technologies such as AI to be implemented to relieve pressure on teachers is the latest recognition of the potential benefits which can be gained.

By deploying AI and automation solutions to non-teaching tasks such as marking, admin and planning, time will be freed up for the UK’s educators to focus on the ‘human’ side of teaching.

The increase in hands-on time in the classroom will not only benefit those in education, but also raise teachers’ job satisfaction by allowing them to focus on the more fulfilling aspects of the job. In addition to improving lesson quality, AI and automation can help schools retain talent.

As investment in this space increases and the technology develops further, the education sector will need to provide teachers with the right skillsets and training to utilise AI in the most beneficial way possible.

As AI use cases increase, this will apply to every industry. Organisations that will succeed in the automation economy are those which are already looking at how to train current talent and working with existing teams to give them the automation competencies they’ll need in years to come.

Matt Eckersall, regional director, EMEA West, SUSE

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