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Reasons to sign up for a Foundation Apprenticeship

Foundation Apprenticeships help young people gain valuable, real-world work experience and access work-based learning while they’re still at school and it’s a chance for them to get a head start on their careers by gaining an industry-recognised qualification, work on real projects and broaden their career options when they leave school.

For employers, it’s the chance to attract highly motivated and committed young people who are willing to learn, identify young people who are right for their business and ensure their organisation has people with the skills they need. See links on the left for detailed Foundation Apprenticeships information.

✅ A new and exciting way to learn
✅ Study alongside your other subjects
✅ More than just a qualification
✅ Unlock a range of career options
✅ Get started with gaining experience
✅ Same level of learning as a Higher

At Borders College, we offer the following Foundation Apprenticeships:

▶️ Business Skills
▶️ Children & Young People
▶️ Social Services and Healthcare

Click the link to find out more:

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