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Reel #4: How to support neurodiverse employees and the benefits of neurodiverse talent

Neurodiversity empowering learning and employment reel 4

When talking about neurodiversity, it’s all too easy to focus on the barriers and challenges people face without taking the time to celebrate the strengths and positive benefits that neurodiverse talent bring.

In Reel #4 in the series, Gavin O’Meara and Dr Louise Karwowski return to talk about what companies can do to attract neurodiverse talent and why they might want to think more seriously about doing so!

Diversity is our greatest asset.

So listen into how you can:

  • Attract neurodiverse talent
  • Utilise the strengths of neurodiverse teams and different thinkers
  • Implement workplace adjustments to help people thrive

The benefit of neurodiversity in work is a two-way street: you provide the support and they provide the output – just like any employee.

We absolutely need to talk about getting the right support in place, but what happens after you do this is the real goal.

You have engaged, highly focused and productive employees, who add equal if not more value to your business and culture.

People who experience neurological differences are some of the most underrepresented groups within employment statistics. For example, just 22% of autistic adults are in any kind of employment in the UK (National Autistic Society, 2021).

If you’re thinking seriously about neurodiversity at work, who better to listen to than James Mahoney, executive Director at JPMorgan Chase and Head of the extremely successful Autism at Work program, “When you think of the high unemployment rate of autistic people, underemployment rate of autistic people – the highest of any disability class, 80-90% in the US. And yet we know, there’s a lot of hidden talent and ability in those numbers that simply aren’t getting through the interview process. It’s not charity, it’s a talent play.”

And the talent is out there.

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