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Remit looks back on year of success at national Automotive Academy

This month Remit Group marks a year since it opened the doors for the first time on its brand new Automotive Academy. ‏

‏With GCSE results now out and young people across the country looking ahead to their future, the national training provider is reflecting on its year of success.‏

‏Since September 2017, 500 young people have trained at the Derby-based Academy, with more than 100 completing their Level 2 and 3 qualifications.‏

‏The Academy boasts three workshops, one for heavy vehicle training, another for light vehicle technicians, a vehicle paint booth – supported with vehicle body repair – as well as excellent classroom and learning spaces, a break out room and space for hire to local businesses looking for classroom or meeting facilities.‏

‏Remit works with apprentices taking them through their Level 2 and Level 3 technical training, supporting them with extra tuition for numeracy and literacy, as well as providing social support as and when required. The training provider also supports employers in establishing apprenticeship programmes, from recruitment to completion.‏

‏Apprentices travel from their employers all over the country to the Academy in Derby, spending week-long blocks training with fellow technicians, developing skills and gaining valuable hands-on knowledge and expertise for a career in the industry.‏

‏John Eyre, 23, works for VRT in Slough. He has been training at the Academy since last September and is due to complete his Level 3 qualification in the next three months. He has passed all exams first time throughout his level 2 and level 3. John scored 100% in his IMI level 3 electrics exam which is an outstanding result – some of Remit’s trainers, who have worked on prestigious manufacturing programmes for many years, have never seen such a fantastic result. ‏

John said of the Academy:

“The new academy is great. It’s a much better facility than I’ve worked with before. I’ve really enjoyed my apprenticeship, and getting the result with my electrics exam was a real bonus, my parents were really proud. ‏

‏“I’ve loved working with VRT too. I was a customer there and then a friend first, before getting on to my apprenticeship with them, so we all get on really well and the past couple of years have been great.‏

‏“I still really want to continue my learning and they (VRT) are really helping me by paying for me to do some specialist Volkswagen courses. Once I’ve done those, who knows what I’ll do next; for now I’m just enjoying my job and being qualified.” ‏

‏Positioning the Academy in Derby enables Remit to build on the city’s strength in engineering, both historically and in the present day. Being the most central city in England, with excellent transport links, Derby is ideally placed with apprentices travelling from the North East to the South coast. ‏

Fiona Hawkesley, Accounts Director for Remit Group, said:

“Our young people travel from all over the UK, staying with us on block release for a week, so it’s important the facility is as easily accessible to all other regions as possible.‏

‏“The facility has been incredibly popular with our apprentices. It’s an opportunity to be away from home for the first time and gain some independence, while having the support of our team and their fellow learners. Block training gives our groups the chance to really get their teeth into the training, and go back to their employers having really honed their skills. ‏

‏“We’re delighted to have had such a successful first year at the Academy, and look forward to taking on our next cohort of apprentices after the summer.”‏

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