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Adult Education Survey 2016

A report on a survey about adult education in England, including types of participation and barriers to learning.


Adult Education Survey 2016

PDF, 717KB, 42 pages



This report presents the results from the 2016 Adult Education Survey (AES), previously called the National Adult Learning Survey (NALS). It is a repeat survey and collects information on:

  • participation in formal, informal and non-formal learning
  • perceived barriers and incentives to learning
  • access to learning opportunities

The survey sampled adults in England, aged 19 and over, who were not in continuousfull-time education, or who had returned to full-time education following a break of morethan 2 years.

Published 22 August 2018



  1. Adult participation in learning survey 2017
    • Research
  2. Barriers to learning for disadvantaged adults
    • Research
  3. FE data library: community learning
    • Statistical data set

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