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Call for evidence: qualification fees, purchasing and value for money

Schools and colleges need to ensure value for money including cost-effective purchasing of their qualifications.

Regulated awarding organisations must comply with Ofqual’s rules on making fee information available. These rules currently give awarding organisations significant flexibility, with different organisations making their fee information available in different ways.

If purchasers of qualifications have difficulty making informed choices, this may reduce the incentives for awarding organisations to deliver efficiencies and other changes that will improve value for money.

We want to understand whether the different approaches to making fee information available mean that schools, colleges and other potential purchasers have difficulty comparing qualifications and choosing between providers.

We also want to hear from awarding organisations to understand their reasons for making fee information available in the way they do and how they interact with potential and existing purchasers.

We will use responses to ascertain if there is any need to improve the accessibility of fee information, and, if so, what action we should take to do that.

This call for evidence closes on 30 September 2018. You can provide your response via our online survey.

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