The report and analysis of teacher well-being across different roles and settings.


Summary and recommendations: teacher well-being research report


Teacher well-being research report

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Appendices for the teacher well-being report

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Different aspects of occupational well-being are examined, such as workload, work-life balance, relationships with colleagues and pupils at work as well as with parents, financial security, stress, health, autonomy and career development.

The research asks:

  • what are the current levels of teacher well-being in schools and FES providers?
  • do levels of well-being at work vary across different dimensions for example by job role or education phase?
  • which positive and negative factors affect teacher well-being?
  • which factors do teachers consider as most influential to their level of well-being?
  • which factors could be linked to low or high levels of teacher well-being?

The report uses a mixed method design, combining quantitative and qualitative analyses, to arrive at findings. The main objective is to provide evidence-based recommendations for further action.

Published 22 July 2019