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Research reveals just 10% of organisations offer personalised employee experience platforms

Ivan Harding

Research by Applaud (@ApplaudHR), the workforce experience layer, has revealed less than 10% of organisations offer hyper-personalised digital employee experiences, while only 27% of HR services can be considered consumer-grade, and that’s having an impact on employee engagement. Applaud surveyed 200 HR and HRIS decision-makers in the UK and US.

The findings come shortly after it was revealed that disengaged employees are costing the UK economy £70 billion every year in lost training and recruitment costs, sick days, productivity, creativity and innovation. 

It has been shown that implementing technologies that offer hyper-personalisation in the workplace can help improve employee productivity, reduce time wasted completing tasks as well as improving the relationship between employees and their employers. In a time of economic uncertainty, managing the employee experience and care pays dividends that can’t be ignored. Workplace technology is starting to catch up with the personalization we’ve become accustomed to as consumers. 

Agility within these platforms is key, and we’re seeing an upward trend in low code capability that provides fast, easy customisation. This is especially important following figures that revealed 37% of working adults in the UK are given less than a week’s notice of their working hours. As such, HR leaders are prioritising investment into technologies that focus on employee experience and ensure individuals feel fully supported for their individual needs and requirements, no matter where they are working. 

Ivan Harding, CEO and Co-Founder of Applaud, says “HR now has an even greater role in creating programs that deliver the same personalised employee experience as one would have outside of work. Applaud provides customers with an employee experience layer completely customisable to best fit HR teams and employees. Having a personalised digital workforce experience platform is one of the big levers HR leaders have to help their organisations and employees master this new normal working environment.”

Employee experience platforms adapt according to the user, offering  the same level of personalisation that they would experience on apps such as Facebook with a customised newsfeed and recommendations. Every employee has an individual experience- using information about them such as role, department or location to provide bespoke interactions that have been shown to significantly improve the digital employee experience.  And for many people finding themselves in completely remote roles over the past twelve months, the digital employee experience has been the only employee experience.  

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