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Richard Sharp is confirmed as the new BBC Board Chair

Richard Sharp is confirmed as the new BBC Board Chair

Following Privy Council approval on 10 February, Richard Sharp has been appointed for 4 years from 16 February 2021 to 15 February 2025 (@bbc)

Richard Sharp has over 30 years of experience in the financial sector, including commercial banking, derivatives, fixed income, private equity and investment banking. He spent 23 years at Goldman Sachs, joining in 1984 to start and head its European Capital Markets Group. He subsequently held a number of senior roles, most recently as Chairman of Goldman Sachs’ principal investment business in Europe. Prior to this, he worked in both commercial banking and investment banking for JP Morgan. He also served as a Director of Oncimmune, and is a former Chairman and an Emeritus Trustee of the Royal Academy and a Director of International Rescue UK.

Mr Sharp was a member of the Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee (FPC) from its formal inception in 2013 through to April 2019. The FPC is the entity charged by the UK Government with the powers and the duty to ensure financial stability in the UK. Richard was a Partner of Goldman Sachs and was a member of the European Management Committee.

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