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“Rishi Sunak is pro youth” says youth expert Jack Parsons

rishi is pro youth

Jack Parsons has been working hard to make sure that every young person in the UK has the chance to succeed in whatever they choose to do. He’s been a strong voice for young people, and he knows how important it is for them to have access to the same opportunities as everyone else. 

Jack is looking forward to working with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on getting better outcomes when it comes to employment and skills. I teamed up with Rishi in the pandemic to help those who needed jobs with the kickstarter scheme thrive and I looked into his eyes and could see he actually cared about building hope, skills and opportunities for young people which was refreshing. 

Jack is a leading voice in youth advocacy, and he’s been named one of the UK’s kindest leaders by the financial times.

Jack started Youth Group to enable millions of young people to access jobs, skills and mentors which has become one of the UK’s largest youth communities. With over 12 million weekly social media engagements he’s also known as The UK’s Chief Youth Officer—a public figure that champions the interests of all young people across the country. Jack is an international advisor on youth to Governments, one of the 6 official ambassadors for homelessness with Big Issues Group, sits on the advisory board for co-op group and is non executive director for the lord mayor of London’s apprenticeship company association of apprentices.

Growing up in a single parent household with a mother who was an alcoholic and being from a social mobility background Jack found it tough growing up. A lot of setbacks and a lot of no’s when he entered the world of work so this made Jack decide to do something about it and have committed his twenties to enabling young people to thrive. Kind, real, and people-oriented. These three words describe Jack’s values and the way he approaches his work. They’re what has led him to be recognized for several awards including Young Digital Leader of the Year, Top 15 Young People to Watch, and Named A Face of a Vibrant Economy.

Jack said:

“This is a really important issue, and it’s one that I’ve always been passionate about”

The fact is that too many young people are being left behind in our country, and not everyone has access to the same opportunities. I want to make sure that every young person in the UK has the chance to succeed in whatever they choose to do and that is what we’ve been doing from the outside for the last three years —and hopefully we get a government now doing more for young people!

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