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SAE Liverpool hosted an Animation workshop for a select group of Y12 students from The Mosslands School

SAE Liverpool hosted an Animation workshop for a select group of Y12 students from The Mosslands School

Last week the creative media education higher provider @SAEinstituteUK hosted an Animation workshop for a select group of Y12 students from @MosslandsSchool 

SAE knows it’s a tough time for students stuck at home, and so we were keen to provide some highly engaging extracurricular content that closely aligns with what the students are doing on their digital media course. 

In the class, SAE Liverpool Game Art Animation and Web Programme Coordinator, Firdaus Khalid, helped the students create their own animation within the Construct 3 game engine. 

Firdaus said: “We were really delighted to have our live Game Art and Animation workshop session with the fantastic students and staff of the Mosslands School! The practical workshop was conducted using the Construct 3 online software and students were able to follow my live workshop on creating an animation of their game characters and apply it into the Construct 3 game engine. The entire session was highly engaging with the amazing students of Mosslands School, and they really had fun while following the lesson and they absolutely loved it from the beginning until the end of the workshop. In a nutshell: the workshop was super spectacular, super positive and super enjoyable, just like how we always do it here at SAE, Home of the Creatives!”

The student’s teacher, Mark Inman said: “We had the privilege of working with SAE and helping our Digital Media students get an insight into Games Animation.  The session with Firdaus was excellent, fast-paced and very enjoyable.  This has given our students a boost during this difficult time and they were so engaged.” 

In the hour-long session, students got to grips by making their own animated characters, with Firdaus on hand to guide them through the process.

Student Ben Newton said: “The session was excellent and very enjoyable, this experience has given me insight into Games Animation which I am now thinking of taking up for my higher education choice.” 

SAE Liverpool is really glad that the students are feeling inspired to pursue a career in the games industry, and to help give them further insight they have invited the Mosslands School students to an upcoming masterclass with the VFX artist, Hussin Khan, on 3 June. 

These are just some of the ways in which SAE Institute helps to support its partner institutions, with other partnership benefits including scholarship opportunities, and under normal circumstances, personal tours and access to our state-of-the-art facilities. 

Mark added: “SAE has to be one of our most engaging external partners, Graham and his team are always welcoming and want to support our learners to have an experience that is always positive, fun and engaging.” 

SAE Liverpool is glad that Mark and his students had a good time as part of the workshop with Firdaus, and hopes to see them again soon! 



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