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SAE Oxford hosts Film fundamentals workshop with Wheatley Park school students

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@SAEinstituteUK recently hosted a bespoke film workshop for Wheatley Park, one of our highly valued school partners. 

Media Studies students learned about the fundamentals of filmmaking from SAE Oxford’s expert Digital Film Production lecturer, Patrick Watremez. 

The session was conducted remotely via Zoom given the ongoing lockdown restrictions, and consolidated some of the concepts that the students have been learning in class. 

Head of Media Studies Amanda Morley said: “Many of our students select Media Studies as they have a particular interest in the creative industries and seek to enhance their practical skills. Our students at Wheatley Park are benefiting from the partnership we have with the SAE, not just through the expertise that you have shared through workshops and visits, but also as a realistic pathway towards achieving longer-term goals.” 

In the session, Patrick ran through the basics of filmmaking including framing, the golden ratio, the 180 degree rule and gave tips about how to get started as a filmmaker. He also provided an overview of the different kinds of camera operators. 

One student called Isobelle said: “I found the workshop useful as it helped me understand the importance of framing in changing the meaning of scenes and films and how to get the audience to focus on specific parts of shots.” 

Another student called Charlie said: “I found the workshop helpful because it was useful to hear from a more experienced person about media studies and about making movies and taking photos.” 

Classmate Matilda said: “The golden ratio was helpful to bring your eye to the more important parts.” 

Another student called Julia said: “I found the workshop helpful because I learnt about framing.”  

Fellow student Rio said: “I found the workshop helpful because I learned the basics of filming.”    

SAE Oxford Student Recruitment Officer, Patrick Greenberg, who was also involved with the session said: “It’s really important that we nurture our relationships with our school partners, and these practical workshops are just one of the benefits that a school partnership brings. Our partner schools also get access to our SAE Extra masterclasses with industry professionals, scholarships for two students per year, and under normal circumstances they can also get personal tours of our amazing campus facilities. Thanks to Amanda for working with us to organise this event, and we look forward to working with Wheatley Park students more in the future.” 

We’re really glad that the students enjoyed the session and hope they will carry the advice and guidance forward into their own projects. 

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