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Safeguarding Company Launches Ground-breaking Mobile App To Enable College and School Staff To Report Concerns ‘On-the-Go’

MyConcern is bringing the reporting, recording and management of safeguarding concerns into the 21st century with their brand-new mobile app. Staff are now able to easily and securely report any pastoral, wellbeing or safeguarding concerns they have, anytime, anywhere. 

Today (16th October), One Team Logic has released the brand new MyConcern mobile app, which will enable users to act quickly to improve safeguarding outcomes, away from the desk and wherever they are, using any mobile device.

MyConcern safeguarding software is the award-winning, cloud-based solution currently used by schools, colleges, sports clubs and other organisations across the UK and worldwide to make their safeguarding processes more secure, effective and efficient.

With the MyConcern mobile app, it is now even quicker and easier for users to securely record critical information about incidents and concerns as and when they occur, even when they are on-the-go. The app is ideally suited to the needs of safeguarding professionals, who often deal with incidents that happen away from their base of operations, whether that’s on a school trip or at a sporting event.

The app will also allow users to receive notifications direct to their phones, making sure they never miss an important safeguarding alert and ensuring they are meeting their duty of care to the young people and others they serve.

The trusted MyConcern system, developed by safeguarding company One Team Logic, is already helping organisations to improve the standard of safeguarding reporting, moving them away from risk-ridden traditional methods such as paper or spreadsheet-based systems. MyConcern provides a safer, more robust method for staff to report, record and manage wellbeing, pastoral and safeguarding concerns.

The fully GDPR compliant system offers schools and other organisations a safe and secure safeguarding tool. All data held by the system is stored in Department for Education approved data centres. The software also harnesses two factor authentication and is both ISO27001 certified and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited, giving organisations the confidence to know that their sensitive personal data is protected and properly managed.

Schools and colleges are often the first to notice when their pupils and students may be at risk of harm. MyConcern was designed by child protection professionals with over 70 years’ experience in safeguarding and created by a world-class team of software developers to equip school and college staff to securely report their safeguarding concerns.

The team behind MyConcern are committed to its continuous growth and improvement. It now not only serves the education sector, but other sector-specific versions of the solution have also been adopted by a fast-growing number of local authorities, charities and high-profile sporting organisations. Whatever the industry, MyConcern serves the same purpose: to keep children, young people and adults safe and enable those responsible for their safety to act quickly to prevent harm.

Martin Baker QPM, CEO of One Team Logic, the makers of MyConcern said:

“Our ongoing commitment to our customers is making sure that MyConcern is the best that it can be. We know that notes made ‘at the time’ improve accuracy and timeliness and in settings and industries where people are constantly on-the-move, a more mobile solution to safeguarding is needed. We are thrilled to be releasing our brand-new mobile app and hope that it will empower our users to act as quickly as possible to prevent harm to some of the most vulnerable people in society.”

*Available on iOS or Android. Will only work as a functioning safeguarding app with a current subscription to MyConcern.

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