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.@S_ERC welcomes representatives from Kagoshima College Japan

During March, South Eastern Regional College (SERC) welcomed Japanese visitors from the National Institute of Technology, Kagoshima College to study and observe lessons, experiments and practical training that take place at the college.

The National Institute of Technology, Kagoshima College is a leading college based in Japan which currently has over 50,000 students and is the second largest higher educational institute in Japan.

Professor Kimihide Tsukamoto, Head of Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr. Kenchi Haji, Assistant Professor and Dr. Yuichi Higashi, Lecturer visited SERC over two days to share best practice in Project-Based Learning (PBL).

While at the College, the visitors were given a tour of the Bangor Campus and the SPACE facility where they had the opportunity to meet and talk to lecturers, tutors and students about the work they are currently carrying out as part of PBL.

Over the two-day visit, the visitors took part and observed PBL at the college which included Computer Aided Design and Manufacture; Properties and Applications of Engineering Material; Engineering Secondary and Finishing Techniques; Electronic Devices and Circuits and had the opportunity to view current projects being undertaken by students at the college.

The visitors also had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the implementation and costings of PBL within the college and how its effectiveness helps students learn at SERC.

Prof. Kimihide Tsukamoto said that “We have enjoyed our visit to SERC to view Project Based Learning in practice. SERC’s Project Based Learning approach is an outstanding education system from which we in Japan can learn much especially as we are starting to consider the development and implementation of PBL within the curriculum.”

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