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Show Time for Canterbury College Creatives as Two Virtual Exhibitions Go Live

Canterbury College is launching two unique online exhibitions to bring their students’ work to a wider audience

The Canterbury School of Visual Arts at @EKC__Group ‘s Canterbury College is launching two unique online exhibitions to bring their students’ work to a wider audience.  

The first exhibition titled, ‘Rewind’, features artwork created by BA (Hons) Visual Arts students, Kai Blackwell, Annabelle Jay, Christian Moore, Millie Grove-Quinn and James Westley.

The multi-disciplinary show showcases the students’ skills in mediums such as screen printing, illustration, photography, graphic design and digital art.

One of the projects on display is Christian Moore’s ‘See The Sense’ which explores sensory branding and the impact it has on the audience experience. Talking about their body of work, Christian commented: “Connecting to people through sensory stimulants establishes a true relationship between the brand and its consumers.”

They continued: “Undertaking the BA in Visual Arts has allowed me to combine a range of specialisms and practices that I am passionate about, including branding, sensory stimulation and product design. Producing a physical product gave me hands-on experience and the opportunity to explore a range of materials.”

For the second exhibition, the College teamed up with the Flat38 Gallery in Margate to create an innovative and immersive experience titled, ‘BEDSIT’.

Due to go live on Friday 26 June, BEDSIT will feature pieces made at home during the lockdown period by students who have applied to study, or are currently studying, at the Canterbury School of Visual Arts(CSVA).

The exhibition will include six distinct ‘Bedsit’ collections and aims to encapsulate the current mood, focusing on the themes of ‘isolation’, ‘working from home’ and ‘lockdown’.  

Head of Visual Arts at Canterbury College, Ben Kidger, commented: “Bedsit takes its name from the places students are making work from, their bedrooms in most cases, and it also has a resonance based around Flat 38 Gallery as a curatorial concept.”

Photography and Graphic Design Technician at the College, Danny Whitcher, worked with Flat38 Gallery’s Founder and Curator, Claire Orme, to design the exhibition platform, digitally recreating her domestic gallery.

Virtual visitors to the exhibition will be able to navigate between the six different ‘Bedsits’ and the four rooms of the Gallery to enjoy the students’ work.

Talking about both of the exhibitions, Ben added: “I’m incredibly proud of all of our students and our fantastic staff who have been busy behind the scenes supporting students remotely.

“Whilst we aren’t able to host our usual end of year show, these digital exhibitions have presented us with a unique opportunity to utilise our staff expertise and experience to create innovative new platforms to showcase our students’ artwork to a global audience.

“We’re excited for visitors to experience these exhibitions for themselves and to view the body of work created by our talented visual artists.”

To view Rewind, visit and to view BEDSIT, visit

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