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SkillCounty releases a Universal Placement Portal for your online presence

Finally a one stop platform for placements

In  Jan 2021, SkillCounty, a startup in the Talent Acquisition and Development space,  released their Universal Placement Portal for the Educational institutes. It provides educational institutes with a One-stop platform for Placements to manage a placement cell’s activities – maintain student, alumni, company & placement databases, communicate with all these participants, and build and promote the institute’s brand online.

A Campus placement portal is an online brand promotion platform and CRM application tailormade for educational institutes with communication/networking capabilities for the professional ecosystem.   

Alok Thuse, the CEO of SkillCounty, stated,

“We are striving towards an efficient and open global talent platform. We believe, every participant in the global talent market, whether a business or a person or an educational institute, should have the baseline access to tools to manage, assess, and promote talent and opportunities. This is our effort to bring this belief to life for educational institutes”.

 The placement team members can sign up on SkillCounty, create a public profile of their institute, collaborate with other placement team members, and accomplish the team’s placement objectives and tasks directly from SkillCounty’s Universal Placement Portal. Once the institute profile is all set up, a placement cell team member can upload to the cloud their student, company & alumni databases and manage it online, just like one would with an online CRM.  

The placement team members can then add or invite new students, message or network with companies on the platform, and promote their institute’s brand by managing the institute’s public profile on SkillCounty and highlighting achievements that will attract new companies and potential students. The platform also allows the placement team member to record placements that the students have achieved and broadcast that to the online community.


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