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Solicitor Apprenticeships with the University of Law

In November we formed a new partnership with the University of Law to deliver our training for Solicitor Apprenticeships. We chose the University of Law because of the quality and flexibility of its programmes.

The University of Law delivers LLB Solicitor Apprenticeships for those starting post-A Level or L3 CILEX, and Solicitor Graduate Apprenticeships for those starting post-degree. Apprenticeships offer employers and individuals a range of tailored options, all of which develop individuals’ wider business skills as well as their legal and job-specific knowledge.

It is now possible for future lawyers to take an apprenticeship route all the way from leaving school to qualification as a solicitor, or to complete an apprenticeship programme after a first degree. This is a rigorous and structured programme of up to five and a half years, providing the opportunity for both new and existing staff at PGS Law to qualify as a solicitor and gain an LLB qualification.

Natalie Cavanagh is our first participant. Having joined us in 2019 as a Business Administration Apprentice, Natalie has worked in Administration, Probate and Family, which gave her a good foundation in all aspects of working life in a legal firm.

She started her Solicitor Apprenticeship course in January, and this will ultimately lead to her qualifying as a solicitor in 2028. In commenting on the course Natalie said, “I am thrilled to be the first member of the firm to participate in the course with the University of Law, and I am excited to build upon my knowledge I have already gained from my time at PGS Law.”

Hopefully Natalie is the first of many in PGS Law who will take the apprenticeship route, and her experience of the course, as she progresses, will help all those that follow her.

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