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St. David’s Day

This year, with the majority of our learning community and staff working from home, we decided to celebrate St. David’s Day a little differently.

We launched the day with a What is Wales/Welshness to me? competition, inviting a variety of statements, photos, videos and pieces of work that represented Wales to some of our staff and students.

We received nearly 50 entries, from a variety of areas across the whole College, with many ESOL students taking part.

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the competition is art lecturer, Marilyn Jones, for her illustrations of places that are important to her around the Gower (pictured).

Staff held a Wales-themed quiz on the Friday, and we held a daily advent calendar on the staff portal, with a variety of questions about Wales, and a prize for each correct answer each day. The winners of these were:

Staff Quiz: Jonathan Yeomans
Monday Advent Calendar: Tina Arnold
Tuesday Advent Calendar: Ewen Mclaughlin
Wednesday Advent Calendar: Geoffrey Gorman
Thursday Advent Calendar: Stuart Kelly
Friday Advent Calendar: David Thomas

Students from our Hair, Beauty and Holistic Centre, Broadway, also created their own styles of Welsh make-up, and some learners from the Vanilla Pod created their own Welsh menus and produce from home. On Facebook Live, Kate Newnham one of our Welsh Ambassadors, provided a live gig to a great response!

“Thank you to all the staff and learners that supported the day, and hopefully had fun doing so,” said Anna Davies, the College Bilingualism Champion.

“It’s a difficult period for us all, as the majority of learning is taking place from home, so it’s more important than ever to celebrate the little things and make the most of the positive events that are happening around us.”

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