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St. Dwynwen Awards

On Monday 25 January, Gower College Swansea celebrated the Welsh patron saint for love St. Dwynwen’s day a little bit differently.

We decided to award positive stories by asking staff and learners to nominate a person who has been friendly, loving and shown community spirit over the past year.

Nominators were asked to give a reason as to why they thought people deserved this recognition. Reasons ranged from being kind to a new member of staff to sewing PPE for local hospitals. The range of nominations prove just how varied the College community is and we should celebrate the good news that can come from difficult times.

“I would like to thank all of those staff members and learners that took the time to nominate all the individuals. Huge congratulations to everyone who has received the reward, and please know that as College we are truly thankful for you all do to help others by showing acts of kindness and spreading a positivity across our College and local community. Diolch and a happy St. Dwynwen’s day to you all,” said Anna Davies, our Bilingual Champion at the College.

All of our nominees will be receiving a gift in the post as a thank you from the College. The winners are the following:

Kirsty Drane – Employability
Ahmad Hammoudeh – ESOL student
Lara Davies – Public Services student
Kathleen James – ABE student
Shelley Morgan – ABE student
Holly Davies – ABE student
Jackie Raddenbury – Customer Service student
Julie Thomas – Human Resources
Sarah Leakey – ALN
Lisa Scally – ALN
Andrew Manley – Construction
Chloe Elizabeth Anne Williams – Health and Care student
Karen Llewellyn – Health and Care
Rhian Pardoe – Health and Care Learning Area Manager
Bridget Flavin – Health and Care student
Kelly Nedin – Health and Care
Michelle William – ALN
Steve Lewis – ALN

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