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The Power of Authentic Storytelling – Creating #skills for the digital economy

Storytelling course that’s shaping the future of marketing

The Coventry arm of a £20 million Government initiative to boost digital skills across the UK has launched its first course.

The Institute of Coding Coventry University has partnered with Quidem Digital, Touch FM’s digital agency, to create a specialised one-day storytelling course for marketing and communications professionals.

Attendees at ‘The Power of Authentic Storytelling’ will learn how to maximise digital channels to reach a variety of target audiences, with the Institute of Coding team giving technical insight alongside Touch FM’s creative broadcasters.

The Institute of Coding is a Government initiative bringing together a network of employers, universities, training providers and professional bodies to create the skills needed for the digital economy.

Their work will spread across a huge variety of sectors over the coming years.

The storytelling course will be held at Coventry University’s Simulation Centre on September 18th.

Louise Phipps, Business Development Manager at Institute of Coding Coventry University, said:

“Launching our first course is a major landmark in our journey and the start of an ambitious project to boost digital skills across Coventry and the UK.

“This is a great place to start because digital platforms provide unprecedented access to potential customers for a business.

“In theory anyone can use them but using them in the right way is a completely different story.

“They are enormously powerful and infinitely sophisticated.”

Subjects discussed on the day will include on what is needed to shape a good story and the science and psychology of customer awareness.

Attendees will also get a glimpse into the future of multi-platform marketing and take part in a practical workshop, putting their skills into practice.

Oliver Gallant, at Quidem Digital, said:

“Working with the Institute of Coding Coventry University on their first course is a great chance for us to connect with marketing and communications professionals and see how their skills can be enhanced.

“We have a team of award-winning content producers, broadcasters and journalists who know all about the benefits of authentic storytelling, so there is no better place to learn more about this crucial area of marketing and communications.”

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