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Chinese students stick with UK for uni despite 5G battle @student

Data table showing Chinese students searching for accommodation on the marketplace

Chinese Students Stick with UK University Choice 

Despite 5G Battle with Huawei


Data from @Student – the world’s largest student accommodation marketplace – shows in the four weeks before the Huawei announcement, saw an increase of 65% of Chinese students looking to book student accommodation in the UK. However, the week following the 14th July announcement, saw a 33% decline in Chinese students looking to book student accommodation in the UK. 


But it’s all not doom and gloom, as the UK is still the most popular English language destination for Chinese students for the 2020/21 academic year. data reveals that of Chinese students visiting the website to find student accommodation (YoY comparison): China to Australia is -87%, China to US is  -91%, whereas China to UK is -32% compared to previous years. 


Dan Baker, General Manager, EMEA of comments, “The UK is still a first choice destination for Chinese students. For those students looking to study in an English language environment the UK is the preference and we believe this is down to the difficult political climate and management of the COVID-19 outbreak in the US, meaning it is no longer an option for many. Looking at Australia, there is the growing unease of integration of students in the local communities, which is a massive barrier for Chinese students right now meaning a decline in Chinese students willingness to travel there too. The drop on the day of the Huawei announcement is clear to see, however, based on initial figures we expect Chinese student interest to recover over the next six weeks, reaching pre COVID-19 figures.” 


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