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Students in the South West perform better at SGS College

Staff at SGS College are delighted with the results of the recently published Progress Measures 2018, which confirms that students studying A-levels at SGS College perform better than they would at other similar colleges in the South West.

When compared to other schools and colleges in the region, SGS College’s A-level value added is one of the best in the local area with an above average score of 0.10%, higher than both St Brendan’s and City of Bristol. Value added shows the average distance travelled by learners between Key Stage 4 (GCSE) and Key Stage 5 – a positive score demonstrates progress.

Over the past couple of years, the College’s A-levels provision has seen positive growth in its value added score; meaning that, on average, a student studying for an A-level achieves far better at SGS than expected.

Principal at SGS College, Sara-Jane Watkins, comments: “Staff at the college are thrilled with the recent findings. We pride ourselves on delivering a well-rounded education where students build their skills, confidence and resilience whilst securing excellent A-level grades.

“Staff at SGS know their students very well and set challenging targets to ensure they stay motivated and achieve as well as they do.”

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