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Tameside College Students take a ‘wild’ trip to experience rare animals

Animal care students at Tameside College enjoyed a visit to Chester Zoo recently, to learn more about their wide range of exotic animals.

The trip, which forms part of the students’ coursework, was aimed at helping them understand how different animals from various climates and regions behave and are cared for by keepers.

Chester Zoo is the most visited wildlife attraction in the UK and was opened in 1931 in Upton by Chester. The exhibit hosts some of the most endangered and rare animals in the world, including: black rhinoceros, jaguars and Sumatran tigers.

The students studied each animal’s feeding regime, recorded the quality of their care and gathered inspiration for creating a habitat of their own at Tameside College’s animal care centre.

Philip Pownall, animal care teacher at Tameside College, said: “The visit to Chester Zoo was a great learning experience for our students. Although the animal centre at Tameside College hosts some fantastic animals, it is always good for them to experience how other organisations operate and how they care for their animals, especially those that are under conservation.”

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