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Students To Begin Testing New Enterprise Game

Students at Cambridge Regional College will begin testing an innovative new enterprise game this summer, alongside fellow students across Europe.

The online game, dubbed “Enterprise – a Serious Game”, will be rolled out by a consortium of five European colleges, including CRC, and is designed to teach business enterprise.

Funded by Erasmus+, the EU programme for education and training, it will enable players to compete with each other across Europe and build key employment skills identified by businesses across the five countries as important to economic growth.

The UK’s involvement in the project is being headed by CRC because of its reputation for games design and enterprise, with Austria, the Czech Republic, Spain and the Netherlands making up the rest of the consortium. A college from each country will roll out the novel teaching tool.

The prototype game has been developed by educational games experts in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands and will be tested in May and June.

CRC lecturer Julia Johnson, who is heading the project in the UK, said the free game would give young people the chance to learn essential business skills.

“The game will offer students across Europe the opportunity to become more enterprising as an employee or entrepreneur,” she said. “It will be fun to play, but it will be a serious game which will engage students and develop their international entrepreneurial competences.

“It’s very exciting to reach the stage of testing the game and we’re looking forward to receiving lots of feedback from our testers in Cambridge.

“We’re very proud that CRC has been chosen to take a leading role in the project and we’ve really enjoyed working closely with our European partners.”

To find out more about the game and to be among the first to use it, email Julia Johnson on [email protected]

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