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Teach Too: Building a Professional Community of Practice

Cerian Ayres, Head of Technical Education at the Education and Training Foundation

We invite you as Further Education (FE) and Training sector providers and employers to contribute to the Teach Too blog to share your learning, experiences, resources and ideas as we work collaboratively to address technical education reform implementation integrating Teach Too principles and approaches.

The aim is to build a community of practice by posting newsletters, enabling effective practice and useful resources to be shared widely. Read our first four newsletters below:

Although there are suggested monthly themes please do not feel restricted by them. We are happy to receive contributions from colleagues supporting the drive for excellence in technical education and training.

What is Teach Too?

Teach Too is an Education and Training Foundation development programme, aiming to address quality improvement in technical education and training, implementing Teach Too principles and approaches based on the recommendations of the CAVTL Report.

The aim of the programme is to support collaborative partnerships between FE Sector providers and industry. The emphasis is on two-way street- genuine collaborations, encouraging people from industry to spend some time teaching their work. This will enable both a national core and locally tailored element, giving employers a direct involvement in designing, planning, developing and in some cases delivering technical programmes.

Teach Too approaches implement the key characteristics on which excellent technical and vocational teaching and learning programmes depend:

  • a clear line of sight to work
  • ‘Dual Professional’ teachers and trainers who combine occupational and pedagogical expertise and are trusted and given the time to develop partnerships and curricula with employers
  • access to industry-standard facilities and resources reflecting ways in which technology is transforming work
  • clear escalators to higher level vocational learning, developing and combining deep knowledge and skills.

Cerian Ayres, Head of Technical Education at the Education and Training Foundation

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