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#TechForTeachers Winners announced

Tech for Teachers is an annual awards scheme, run by the publishers of Technology & Innovation and Teach Secondary.

It is a unique education awards scheme, with genuine classroom impact at its heart. In order to be recognised by the judges, products and resources must be as effective as they are innovative, demonstrating clear benefits for teaching and learning, value for money, and genuinely long-term potential.

For the 2019 presentations, entries were invited in September 2018 across five curriculum-linked categories, and – in order that as wide a range of submissions as possible could be considered – were absolutely free.

Following a rigorous shortlisting process, a panel of expert judges with direct experience of the secondary sector have now assigned five-, four- and three-star winners in each category, as well as two worthy runners up.

We are pleased to announce that Women in Computing from LGfL and E2BN was a 3 star winner in the Computing category.

Terry Freeman Judge for Computing Category, said: ‘This is a great resource for teaching about the history of computing and I think, for encouraging girls to take the subject up’ 

Women in Computing aims to recognise and promote the achievements of women in British computing within the social context of the time.  It does not seek to dwell on negative aspects where women have been prevented from contributing to the computing landscape, but it does explore the issues surrounding how and where their unique contributions have developed understanding and achievement within the computing industry and in wider society 

The resource features a Meet the Experts section with videos featuring those who worked at Bletchly Park during the War, a female intelligence officer who was based in Berlin during the 1980’s and Marta Kwiatkowska who is currently Professor of Computing Systems and Fellow of Trinity College, University of Oxford to name a few.

There is a section on WW11 Codebreaking, Cold War computing, an achievement timeline and a resource bank that can be filtered by teachers and students looking for specific resources.

‘Although on the face of it, Women and Computing supports the broader Computing curriculum, in reality there is at least as much to be gained by using it within the context of the Citizenship curriculum. If used as a framework to explore the role not only of women in society in the last 70 years, but as an exploration of how people maximise their potential within societal constraints and opportunities of their time, it has the potential to offer inspiration and challenge. For this reason, the resource should prove to be of value to all learners across a range of ages, hopefully inspiring the next generation of pioneers that don’t let their circumstance negatively constrain their aspirations or achievements’

Bob Usher – LGfL Content Manager


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