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TES launches its largest ever apprenticeship push

One of the UK’s leading business management software specialists has pushed the button on a major recruitment drive to help bridge technology’s growing skills gap.

Total Enterprise Solutions (TES), which supports charities and Not for Profits (NFPs) on their digital transformation journeys, is looking to attract five apprentices to join its growing workforce at its Rugeley Headquarters.

The company has positions available across the business, including project management, consultancy, managed services and sales, and plans to use its established Digital and Technology Solutions Apprenticeship it offers in partnership with Staffordshire University.

“Our sector is experiencing challenges sourcing high quality employees at the pace we need them so, in order to meet our growth aspirations for the next three years, we need a different solution, and this is where ‘growing our own’ comes firmly into play,” explained Charlotte Twigg, HR Manager at TES.

“Apprenticeships are a great way for us to bring people in that are passionate about digital transformation and the charity sector and equip them with the skills they need to be successful in our industry. It also allows us to shape our future team to fit our culture and our values.”

She went on to add: “We want to encourage candidates from all backgrounds, and we would love to speak to those who may not necessarily have had the opportunity to go on to higher education due to financial constraints. Our degree apprenticeships are fully funded and, furthermore, candidates get paid whilst they learn!

“In the past we have had great success with onboarding and developing apprentices. Some of the senior members of our team started life at TES as an apprentice 10 years ago and have progressed to being integral to the business, serving some of our largest customers.”

Total Enterprise Solutions (TES) has a strong focus on working with charities, leveraging the power and capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to tailor solutions that help organisations with cyber security, fundraising management, Membership Management, SORP/SOFA compliance, Charity VAT and volunteer management.

By continuing to work with the sector, it has developed several new solutions and, in the past twelve months, launched a suite of add on apps that expand the power of the Microsoft Cloud for Not for Profits.

The firm’s apprentices generally start life working in managed services on the support desk, as this gives them a great overview of the products and TES’ customers.

Experienced team members are also encouraged to mentor younger staff, helping them to learn softer skills and improve their communication.

Charlotte went on to add: “In addition to the apprenticeship drive, we have also invested in a new learning programme – TES Certified.

“This has been designed to encourage individuals to want to stay and build their careers with us, by giving them access to learning pathways with transparent pay structures, opportunities for promotion and the chance to make a positive difference to charities and the third sector.”

Tyler Williams completed his degree apprenticeship with TES last year and is now a developer working on some of the company’s biggest projects.

He added his support for the apprenticeship programme: “It really is the best…you’re getting free education and hands-on work experience, whilst at the same time earning money. There’s also the bonus of securing a degree without having to endure the huge debt that is associated with going to university.

“TES is a great place to work, and all the other members of staff are on hand to help support your development and to help you with any issues you might face. The apprenticeship has definitely accelerated my career in the technology sector.”

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