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Testing Centre success for Cambridge Regional College

Test centre team in masks

Just six weeks ago, as schools and colleges across the nation prepared to re-open, a group of Availl and Protocol Test Assistants, young people on work experience and volunteer staff and students from CRC came together to support the Cambridge Regional College (@CRC_College) Covid-19 testing programme.

The test centres at Cambridge and Huntingdon campus were set up according to strict government guidelines by Les Black, Director of Facilities and in adherence with the guidelines, the college prepared for all staff and students to receive up to 3 tests in the first two weeks of returning campus. The team soon became a force to be reckoned with, processing one test every 3 minutes at the most pressured times. In total the team completed almost 7000 tests in two weeks to ensure that the college campuses could open safely as we moved out of lockdown.

Team Leader, Carolyn Nilsen said, “The team did not know each other when the testing doors opened, but they quickly jelled and supported each other through the process, as well as supporting the individuals visiting the testing centres. Our youngest volunteer, a current student at CRC, was just 17yrs old.”

The team have fed back that they really enjoyed the experience of working in the testing centre and contributing to the national effort to combat Covid-19. In addition, they have reported enjoying seeing a snapshot of college life, with some now looking to apply for roles within the CRC team.

The college would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone involved in the work of the testing centres. Your time and commitment has enabled us to reintegrate all of our staff and students into college life in a safe manner, something we are very thankful for.

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